Conserve Your Land

Conservation Tools

CNLT realizes that many people want to preserve their land, but don't know what options are available for them to do so. With this in mind, we have provided some brief summaries of different conservation tools one can use for the preservation of property. These are intended to provide you with an overview of the options available; should you be interested in exploring any of these further, we recommend you contact your financial advisor, and feel free to contact us at cnltmailportal@gmail.com, or call Judy Adelman at (207) 781-3085.

Implementation tools in land preservation:*

1. Conservation Easements

2. Fee transactions

3. Bargain Sales

4. Conservation Buyers

5. Gift in Fee Simple (Donations of Land)

6. Sale of Development Rights


For further information concerning any of these options please contact Judy Adelman at (207) 781-3085, or by emailing cnltmailportal@gmail.com


* In considering any of these options, you will also want to check with your own legal and financial advisors to determine which option best suits your specific needs.

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