Carter's Beach

On the Eastern side of Crabtree Neck stretches an undeveloped expanse of land known as Carters Beach Corridor. Carters Beach Road is unpaved and winds from Haskins Road on Hancock Point down to the salt pond and a 19-acre wildlife refuge owned by the Frenchman Bay Conservancy (FBC). Four cottages are located on Carters Beach Road, near its intersection with Haskins Road, but just past these are acres of undeveloped land with woodlands on one side and a spectacular view of Frenchman Bay on the other. The woodlands and bay support numerous species of wildlife including owls, water fowl, ducks, deer, fox, moose, and bears. The waterside also provides public areas for picnicking, low impact fishing, and beach combing. This corridor is enjoyed by Hancock residents and visitors to the area as a wonderful place to take a walk, to swim in the bay, and simply to take in the beauty of the area. The ability to walk along a woods-lined road, as well as have access to the ocean, provides a rich outdoor experience.

CNLT sees this corridor as a prime place for preservation with the goal of ensuring public access to this unspoiled area in perpetuity. In 2010 CNLT successfully wrapped up the first phase of a challenge to save this area by raising $500,000 which will conserve $500,000 worth of woods and shore land. CNLT plans to continue its efforts for widespread conservation along this corridor and will post updates to this site regarding our progress.

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