Community Gardens

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CNLT's mission is to preserve land that provides essential wildlife habitat and corridors, scenic view-sheds and open spaces, to engage with the community in building strong connections with the land, and to provide public access to these conserved properties whenever possible and appropriate. In order to fulfill our mission and have lasting, meaningful conservation, we believe that community involvement is crucial. By getting individuals on the land and engaging them in our work they become inherently invested in our conservation efforts. One of several projects we undertook in pursuing this philosophy was establishing a free community garden in 2009.

To begin this project we set several guidelines for ourselves:

To help us accomplish these goals we partnered with the Hancock County Master Gardener Volunteer program.

2010 was our first gardening year. The plots were offered on a first come first serve basis, with the understanding that gardeners would help with the maintenance of the overall space in return for their plot. That year the garden had:

We also had a bee hive and apple trees on the property. The gardens were prolific and gardeners shared some of their harvest to sell at a harvest day, the proceeds benefiting the garden; the Master Gardeners raised over 600 pounds of food which was donated to local food pantries.

For the 2011 growing season we expanded the number of community plots to 38, added 4 more apple trees, have 2 active bee hives, and continue to grow food for the hungry. Anyone interested in signing up for a plot, or learning more about these gardens should contact CNLT at

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