Pettengill Preserve

  Trail Map

Near the end of 2010, CNLT purchased a 94-acre parcel on the Crabtree Neck peninsula. This property includes wetlands, wildlife habitat and old growth forest, and sits amongst an area that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have highlighted as housing “fresh water forested/shrub wetlands” containing “high value” plant and animal habitat. This acquisition provides CNLT with an opportunity to pursue large scale conservation in this area, fulfilling an essential part of our mission: to save large, unbroken tracts of land that protect high value wildlife habitat and maintain the rural character of Crabtree Neck. We are currently working on our management plan which, when completed, will provide walking trails on a portion of the property for public use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The trails are open for hiking, but not off-road bicycling yet (pending construction of all bog bridges).
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